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Over 13.8 million adults in the UK, nearly double the population of London, are afraid to take part in any form of swimming and over 33% of the adult population state they know at least one person who has a real fear of the water. Four million people of all ages won’t even get in a bath!

Aquaphobia can have a very real impact on a person’s quality of life, sometimes cripplingly so. They miss out on opportunities, experiences, time with their families, and it can leave a person feeling alone, embarrassed, or frightened.

Official United Kingdom survey by RLSS UK supported by Chichester University

“Both AALP and CTAA have detailed content that has been fully researched and is presented in a modern and easy to understand way”. Whether you are a professional looking to qualify as an Aquaphobia Coach or an individual wanting to overcome your fear and become a swimmer, this is the ideal training course for you”. Martin Symcox, RLSS UK Director.

“The AALP product range provides a rich learning experience for professional swimming teachers, lifeguards, PT’s and especially the adults’ swimmers taking the lessons, this is an amazing resource and a real game-changer for the leisure industry.” Jacqui Tillman, Group Swim Manager, Everyone Active.

“AALP is the best swimming tuition programme I have seen in the last 20 years” Spencer Moore, Director of Strategy for the Chartered Institute of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and previously Head of Coach Development for Swim England.

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Learn to swim fear FREE with…