12 stage Online Course

Real interviews
Teacher narration
3D interactive animated lesson
The theory behind Aquaphobia
Self-help tools, de-stressing techniques, meditation
videos & relaxation breathing for swimming

Successfully practiced for 20 years by
leading swimming teachers

now available online 

Researched & market-tested with support from
Marburg & Chichester Universities

Approved by the Royal Life Saving Society &
Chartered Institute of Sport and Physical Activity

Disclaimer: (Aquatic environments includes any and all indoor and outdoor areas of water) The Online AALP product purchased by you from www.waterphobia.com (introductory price) is an educational product designed to help the user understand the principles of overcoming Aquaphobia or a fear of water or large bodies of water. The product is for educational land based learning and usage only. Whether by printed material of digital computised delivery of the AALP product/s. Any person/s buying and using the AALP online products in an aquatic environment, does so entirely at their own risk, whether with or without properly qualified supervision or instruction. www.waterphobia.com does not take responsibility of whatsoever nature for any injury or harm (fatal or non fatal) physical or psychological, regardless of usage of the purchased product by the user or purchaser. www.waterphobia.com solely recommends that any person/s wishing to undertake the AALP syllabus within and aquatic environment must only do so with a certified and qualified RLSS UK Aquaphobia Coach, who will be in the water with them when teaching. This must include a qualified lifeguard on the poolside who is present throughout all of the lesson/s.