Certificate in Teaching Aquaphobics (CTA)

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Calling out to all Swimming Teachers

Did you know that there are reported to be millions of people in the UK who are too scared to go into a swimming pool or a leisure centre due to a fear of water and aquatic activity.

Why not join the Aquaphobia Coaches, across the UK, teaching the ALP syllabus,
helping people of all ages overcome their fear and learn to swim.



Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP)

A fear of water can affect anyone at any age

Aquaphobia can happen to anyone at any age, it is not a reflection on strength of character, personality or intelligence. Often having a devastating and negative effect on an individual’s life, family and friends. The longer this phobia goes untreated the more entrenched it may become.

Aquaphobia can have a very real impact on a person’s quality of life, sometimes cripplingly so. They miss out on opportunities and experiences that can leave an individual feeling isolated, embarrassed, or frightened and may cause them to experience social exclusion.

Now, with ALP, there is a industry accredited solution.

The best thing about ALP is that it works within the operators normal programmed schedules without the need to create any additional slots.

This is an untapped market for Aquaphobia coaches

  • ALP is the best swimming tuition programme I have seen in the last 20 years

    Spencer Moore Director of Strategy for the Chartered Institute of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), previously Head of Coach Development for Swim England

Who is it for?


his course, Certificate in Teaching Aquaphobics (CTA) aims to teach aquatic & leisure professionals how to understand, identify and by using the  Aquaphobic Learning Programme (ALP) treat Aquaphobics, weak and non-swimmers from both a psychological and physical perspective.

The professional development course establishes a swimming teacher an Aquaphobia Coach (A.C) & then an Advanced Aquaphobia Coach. Who then will be able to assess the severity of an individual’s fear or phobia and support them through the recovery process to stress free happy swimming. If you are a swimming teacher, STA or equivalent, who is actively training and want to increase your skills and revenue, this is a must for you. 

  • Whether you are a professional looking to qualify as an Aquaphobia Coach or an individual wanting to overcome your fear and become a swimmer, this is the ideal training course for you

    Martin Symcox Former IQL UK Director

Certificate In Teaching Aquaphobics  

Your Professional Aquaphobia Coaching Pathway


Aquaphobia Coach

CTA CPD 1 Digital Edition

Trial Price

App Only Is £34.99 

Certificate £9.99 

For this you will also get 5 CIMPSA Points

STA Endorsed Certificate

Lifetime access to the 3D Leisure Centre,

VR avatars & interactive pool, the ALP 12

stages video & book collections.

From Google, for Android & App Store for Apple

For PC and Mac available from www.waterphobia.com

Please note CPD 1 must be completed before undertaking CPD 2. CPD 2 may be subject to local availability.


Advanced Aquaphobia Coach

CTA CPD 2 Face-2-Face Training Seminar

Trial Price £90 inclusive 

5 CIMPSA Points

STA Endorsed Certificate

Tutor led (case studies with role-play)

Assessing the level of phobia

Writing an ALP lesson plan & pool test

Monitored real world practice with post seminar mentoring & sign off

Free annual membership of www.waterphobia.com

Disclaimer. STA members (UK only) insurance covers them when taking and teaching the CTA and alp products. If you are not an STA member or you are working outside of the UK certified “aquaphobia coaches” must arrange appropriate professional insurance cover for themselves. You must ensure that you have the right professional indemnity insurance (pi) & public liability insurance, current, in place and up to date, abiding and conforming to your countries regulations and laws on such matters. Any person globally taking or working as an aquaphobia coach may only do so once they have received their STA endorsed e-certification.


 Aquaphobia Trainer Assessor

(Course price includes CPD’s 1, 2 & 3)

By invitation only, Aquaphobia Tutors will form a small and select group of professionals certified to facilitate and teach the CTA CPDs on behalf of waterphobia.com. This educational pathway incorporates all 3 CPDs, the successful applicants undertake each one from the point of view of the cohort and the tutor. Exclusively mentored by waterphobia.com, resources include extensive delivery material, teaching plans and marketing support, so that each tutor can establish and run their own Aquaphobia courses for UKCC Level 2 swimming teachers within the UK.


5 CIMPSA points for each CPD
(subject to entry criteria)

Disclaimer continued: Each person can find out the best policy for their needs and compare any offers currently available in the market within their specific territory or country. There are many insurance companies that offer such products available on the internet.

CPD 1 – CTA Digital Edition

  • This [The ALP product] is an amazing resource and a real game-changer for the leisure industry

    Jacqui Tillman Group Swim Manager, Everyone Active

The educational environment is made up of a 3D leisure centre that consists of a reception area, a classroom, a changing room, café and a virtual pool. Structured within a 3D world, in first person, the Aquaphobia Coach (A.C.) is taken through the content engaging with real-life, swimmer characters.

Meeting each one in the reception to hear their own stories, how and why, they became Aquaphobic. AC’s will be directed to the café to undertake an induction using the (ALP) tool kit. There we focus on one main character, Anne-Marie who will become your first Aquaphobia client. Also, travelling to the classroom, to attend each of the 3 key teaching sessions.

This is complemented by the Activity Sheets, that allow you to interact directly with the learning content and to gauge your own progress with regular learning checks.

Adjacent to the classroom is the ALP 3D interactive virtual swimming pool. Complete with A.C and S.E.U avatars, undertaking each of the 12 ALP Stages in the water. The user can interact with these models, even dive into the water for a unique fully immersive experience. 5 CIMPSA points.

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About ALP

The Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP) is a 12-stage step approach to support those with a fear of water, providing them with the confidence, skills and techniques to enjoy the unique freedom that being in water can give.

Distinctive from swimming programmes, ALP focuses on eliminating and desensitising fear, with the physical mechanics of swimming being secondary. The aim of the programme is to teach a participant how to relax, float, feel happy and in control in the water and reduce all stresses in a safe and careful way.